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The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


Embrace your nostalgia of your school days: plants, guinea pigs and old school posters.

The collection reinterprets school symbols into classic tailored patterns and luxurious elements.

2 April 2022

Iana Digital Fashion Designer

Hi, I am Iana. I am a digital fashion designer. I moved to Europe three years ago after I graduated in theoretical and applied linguistics in Moscow. After five years in the field of intercultural communication I decided to find my actual passion and purpose.


23 January 2023

IANA and the digital fashion renaissance

One of the most useful subjects I studied in high school was Visual Art. I never thought it at the time, rather believing that Business Studies would be an invaluable source of knowledge I carry with me forever. However, I had this realisation when I first came across Iana van Aken’s digital fashion designs.

by astroporcelain


Dark green hue of a classroom greenboard.
Dark green hue of a classroom greenboard.


Digital couture with a playful spirit.
Digital couture with a playful spirit.


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