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Synergy of Cubism art, artificial intelligence and natural patterns. Explore Koi Dress by IANA and TOM.  

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Koi Surprise Field
Digital Craftsmanship

Digital craftsmanship is at the core of IANA Digital Couture House, where we focus on exclusive digital materials and traditional tailoring. The exclusivity of the designs and materials is brought to life sustainably thanks to the limitless potential of digital fashion.

Reinventing Luxury

IANA Digital Couture House creates digital-only fashion, making couture inclusive and accessible. The mission is to bridge the gap between physical and digital fashion, bringing real world symbols, stories and traditional crafts into the digital realm. Digital couture is sustainable, limitless and inclusive. Explore ways to wear it here.

IANA Digital Couture House Logo

new drops

Digital material of a knitted fabric. Traditional knitting sceme. Knit made in Substance Designer

digital fabrics

IANA Digital Fabrics include the most exclusive high-end designs, such as beaded fabrics, embroideries, sequins, and knits. All materials are created procedurally, ensuring the highest resolution for any digital fashion design. Thanks to digital solutions, our couture house is able to experiment with extraordinary designs while staying committed to the brand's message of sustainability and advocating against the exploitation of labour in the luxury sector.

A digital fashion AR accessory of an embroidered face veil. Oriental digital makeup.


AR, which makes you doubt reality.
Digital model, metahuman wearing a digital dress in the digital Unreal Engine world.

come  fly with  me

Love is in the AR.
Digital couture design of a dress from the SEA FOAM collection by IANA. Digital print taken from a real acryllic painting by Peter Bear. Includes digital pearl necklace.

sea foam

Tribute to abstract art in its digital metamorphosis.
Digital embroidered fabric with flower pattern. Golden digital beads.

oriental poppies

Sweetness of
oriental poppies expressed in fine beads embroidery.